10 November 2008

It appears the defense date for my diploma thesis is set

It's on November 24th 2008 at 9:30 or 10:00 AM. After that I'm finally done with that...

Undocumented CIL Metadata Tables

For some reason some (IMHO useful) tables in the CIL specification (ISO/IEC 23271, Second edition from 2006-10-01) are not documented. These are mainly the AssemblyOS and AssemblyProcessor tables. As I'm working on finishing the MOSA ahead of time compiler to finally be able to produce bootable images, I think these metadata tables are very useful. What really makes me wonder is that even the constants for these tables seem to be documented. The rdwProcessors field is an array of processor types as defined in winnt.h and the OS version is the same as usually encoded in unmanaged Win32 OSVERSIONINFOEX.

I guess it's time to visit the ReactOS project and to pull these constants out of their repository.

09 November 2008

.NET Metadata

.NET metadata is what powers the platform. Unfortunately the tables in binary files are in typical Microsoft style. Right now I'm trying to rewrite the metadata loader in the mosa runtime to be reusable for our aot compiler. It is just an ugly format to export - at least I can speed up our metadata loading this way too.

MOSA & SharpOS

As the SharpOS page has gone offline earlier this week/past week (The domain name has expired) I'm wondering how the two projects will relate in the future. MOSA only came to be what it is today by the initial talks tgihil, xfury and I had with other projects, mainly Ensemble and the JNode group.