14 January 2009

Debug Symbols for MOSA #1 - Why we need them

The MOSA compiler is nearing its 0.1 alpha release and one of the things that has been bugging me since the start was creating debug symbols for compiled assemblies. The MOSA compiler converts CIL assemblies to native code for a specific target architecture. In the process however the mapping of source code to native code gets lost, unless the compiler is able to create new symbol information to map the native code back to the managed source code.

There are various reasons that support is needed for symbols, one of them is that it makes kernel debugging a whole lot easier if the debugger allows stepping in the source code and variable inspection (the Visual Studio experience.) The other point is that various .NET APIs allow creating debug symbols (CodeDOM or Reflection.Emit) or inspecting them using the System.Diagnostics.SymbolStore namespace.

As I'll explain in the posts later this is no easy task, but one that'll raise the productivity of kernel development a lot.

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