11 March 2010

Changes I've made to MOSA to support generics, Part I

Over the past couple of days I’ve made changes to MOSA to support generics. The first and primary change was to support a scheduled compilation model.

Let me explain this: Up to these changes the MOSA compiler would just scan an assembly, locate all types and compile each method contained in them. The only exceptions to this rule were native methods, generic types and generic methods.

The revised compilation scheduler stage

However skipping generics doesn’t work anymore - you want those generic types and methods compiled too. The issue you face is how to compile these methods and types without knowing the usage. So I basically kept the current compilation scheduler, but added the capability for the pipeline to schedule additional types and methods in the scheduler. In order to do this, there’s a new assembly compilation stage: The ICompilationSchedulerStage. This stage performs the type lookups that used to be done by the MethodCompilerBuilderStage.

The compilation scheduler now maintains a schedule of methods and types to compile and executes these in order. Once all scheduled methods and types are compiled, the entire assembly including all of its generic usages has been compiled.

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