09 March 2010

mosacl is compiling very simple generic types

Let mosacl speak for itself:

Mini:Bin Michael$ mono --debug mosacl.exe -a x86 -o MQT.exe -f PE Mosa.QuickTest.exe
MOSA AOT Compiler, Version 0.6 'Tanigawa'
Copyright 2009 by the MOSA Project. Licensed under the New BSD License.
Copyright 2008 by Novell. NDesk.Options is released under the MIT/X11 license.

Output file: MQT.exe
Input file(s): /Users/Michael/Projects/MOSA/MOSA-Project/Bin/Mosa.QuickTest.exe
Architecture: Mosa.Platforms.x86.Architecture
Binary format: Portable Executable File Linker
Boot format: Not bootable
Is executable: True

Compiling ...
Scheduling type Mosa.QuickTest.App for compilation.
Compiling type Mosa.QuickTest.App
Compiling method Main
Loaded generic type Mosa.QuickTest.Generic`1
Scheduling type Mosa.QuickTest.Generic`1<System.Int32> for compilation.
Compiling type Mosa.QuickTest.Generic`1<System.Int32>
Compiling method .ctor
Compiling method get_Value

Unresolved symbols.

Mini:Bin Michael$

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